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Gambling addictions

Social responsibility policy for the prevention of gambling addictions

Gambling at the Grand Casino Bern should be an enjoyable way to spend your leisure time.

We want you to feel at ease in a pleasant atmosphere and to have fun at the casino. In isolated cases, however, gambling can get out of control; it may even lead to a gambling addiction. The Grand Casino Bern has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to compulsive gambling – an issue it takes very seriously. After all, gambling addictions can cause even more serious problems, not just for the gambler but also for their family.

A gambling addiction is where the desire to play becomes an obsession – an all-consuming compulsion. Not only does the player lose a lot of time and money, but self-confidence and self-esteem, too. Players increasingly neglect important aspects of their life, such as family, work, hobbies and social involvement. This is usually a prolonged process, and those affected often only recognise that they have an addiction when it is too late.


Analyse your gambling habits

Get an insight into your gambling behaviour with the self-assessment questionnaire. Gamblers Anonymous (GA), the world’s largest self-help organisation for gambling addicts, has put together questions that can help you to analyse your gambling habits.

We at the Grand Casino Bern are here for you. Talk to our gambling advisory staff. They will advise you competently and empathetically on the different options and counselling services available to you. If you are a family member, relative or friend, you can also get in touch with a casino, either in person, over the phone or in writing.

Let us know about a change in behaviour or a change in financial situation in connection with a guest’s gambling. Talk to us about the situation, and together we can find a solution. Contact us by phone on
+41 (0)31 339 55 98 or via e-mail at [email protected].

The Grand Casino Bern reserves the right to issue gambling suspensions in certain situations. This will only happen if there is justified reason to suspect that a guest is no longer in control of their gambling behaviour, for instance if we have reason to believe that a guest is betting more money than he or she can afford.

Voluntary gambling suspension

Are you gambling more than you can actually afford, or have you encountered problems at home or at work as a result of gambling? Or do you simply want to take a break and feel you need some help to stop your visits? If so, you can apply to have the casino impose a voluntary gambling suspension as an effective means of protecting yourself (Article 80(5) of the Swiss Gambling Act [Geldspielgesetz – BGS]).

You have two options:

  • You can apply to the casino personally for a voluntary gambling suspension. Ideally, you should ask for a supervisor upon entry to the casino. All you need is a valid form of identification. You will be provided with information about the terms under which the gambling suspension will be lifted and about options for counselling via external specialist agencies (Berner Gesundheit, Berner Schuldenberatung).


  • You can download a form and apply for the voluntary gambling suspension in writing. Send the completed form together with a copy of your valid identification (ID, passport, driving licence) to a Swiss casino of your choice. The form is only valid with your signature.

Lifting of gambling suspension

The gambling suspension will remain in place for an indefinite period of time. An application to lift an arranged gambling suspension may be lodged if the reason for issuing the gambling suspension no longer applies. Voluntary gambling suspensions may be lifted three months at the earliest after the date of initiation. Please read the relevant information sheet to find out how to go about lifting a suspension.

Gambling becomes an addiction once an individual can no longer control their own gambling behaviour. If you are someone who has been affected, a family member, a relative or a friend, you can and should do something. A number of counselling services are available to you.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Grand Casino Bern by phone on +41 (0)31 339 55 98 or via e-mail at [email protected].

Online advice network

Die Dargebotene Hand
Phone counselling hotline: 143 (free of charge, charges may apply depending on the phone provider)

Berner Gesundheit (Bern health foundation), Bern-Mittelland Centre
Eigerstrasse 80
3007 Bern 
Tel.: +41 (0)31 370 70 70
Hotline: +41 (0)800 070 070 (free)

Berner Schuldenberatung (Bern debt advisory)
Seftigenstrasse 57
3007 Bern
Tel.: +41 (0)31 376 10 10 (free prior clarification by phone)