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Slot machines

The first slot machines came from the USA. They were invented by a German emigrant by the name of Charles August Frey. This played a significant role in the development and production of casino slot machines at the start of the twentieth century.

Frey was capitalising on the American enthusiasm for all things moving and spinning. In addition, at that time, US citizens were fascinated by all forms of automation. Opponents and croupiers were no longer required; you could simply play against the machine and yourself.

Experience the colourful and diverse world of slot machines at the Grand Casino Bern.

Nowadays, slot machines are ultramodern electronic devices which are run on a randomised basis. They are continually checked to ensure proper functioning and legality, and are monitored by the Swiss Federal Gaming Board (FGB). There are a number of different types of slot machine – all with high entertainment value. Try your luck!

Reel slot machines
These are the traditional one-armed slots. The combination of symbols on the cylinders determines how much you win.

Multiline slot machines
These slots allow more than one payline and therefore extra chances of winning. A credit is debited for each additional chance.


Video poker machines
Play poker on-screen. Once you have been dealt the first round of cards, you can decide whether you want to keep one or more of the five cards, or to change cards to increase your chances of winning.

The rules of the game are provided in English on the slots. You can find the German translation in our slot machine glossary.

The slot machines pay out certain amounts themselves. If your winnings are higher, a bright light comes on above the slot machine. If your winnings are higher than CHF 200, the full amount will be paid out by the casino host (i.e. attendant).

Any position
Jede Position


Call Attendant
Rufen Sie eine Aufsichtsperson



Zahlen Sie Gewinn oder Guthaben aus

Choose your game
Wählen Sie Ihr Spiel


Credits played
Kredite gespielt

Karte ziehen

Game over
Spiel beendet



In any position
In jeder Position

Insert Bill/Ticket
Note/Ticket einwerfen

Progressive Jackpot
Grosser oder grösster Gewinn
Jackpot, progressive
Progressiver Jackpot

Last Bet
Letzter Einsatz

Max. Bet
Maximaler Einsatz

Paid by attendant
Ausbezahlt durch Aufsichtsperson

Only highest win paid
Nur der höchste Gewinn wird ausbezahlt


Press button
Taste drücken

Play up to X credits
Spielen Sie bis zu X Kredite

Push to collect
Zur Auszahlung drücken





Win paid
Gewinn ausbezahlt

Wins paid by attendant
Gewinne werden durch Aufsichtsperson ausbezahlt

Touchbet Roulette is a slot machine game linked to two automatic roulette wheels and one live roulette table. The layout corresponds to that of a real roulette table, but each player has a whole board to themselves. The players place their bets using the touchscreen. The rules and betting options correspond to those of American roulette. Bets can be placed from as little as CHF 1.

The Grand Casino Bern has a total of 20 slot machines offering gambling fun with Touchbet Roulette. Animated displays and extensive game statistics make for an unforgettable playing experience. Do you have any questions? Our staff on the floor are happy to help.

Features specific to Touchbet Roulette
The slot machines announce the start of play in English, French or German. After this announcement, the players are given time to make their bets. Before the ball drops, the machine says: “No more bets!” After this, the machines block any further bets.

Once the ball has dropped, the machine announces the winning number and the colour. All bets associated with this number are paid out. If the ball lands on zero (0), the house keeps half of the stakes for even money chances, dozen bets and column bets.

Spread Bet Roulette
Spread Bet Roulette is a side wager within Touchbet Roulette. Here, the player bets on a totals range for the number thrown on the roulette wheel (automatic or live wheel), and a random number from an additional virtual wheel. Bets are paid out at ratios of between 400:1 and 1:1 depending on the totals range.