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The business activities of the Grand Casino Bern are governed by the sociopolitical objectives anchored in the Swiss Gambling Act. The Grand Casino Bern’s aim is to generate optimum profit, not maximum profit. Likewise, the public authorities’ priority is not to achieve the maximum tax revenue, but tax revenue from the most socially viable endeavours.

Absolute integrity is at the heart of our company. Our involvement goes beyond what is required of us by law. Combating organised crime, preventing money laundering and preserving the social system are a matter of course for us.


Ludwig Nehls
is the Managing Director

Ludwig Nehls took over as Managing Director of the Grand Casino Bern in 2018. In his previous position with the Migros Aare Cooperative, he was responsible for operations and marketing for all 28 shopping centres with 30 million customers annually and a turnover of CHF 2.3 billion. He has a degree in Business Administration and many years of experience in top management positions.


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