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Current Grand Casino Bern jackpots

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The Grand Casino Bern has a whole host of exciting jackpots that might just make your dreams come true. Below is a list of which jackpots you can win on which slot machines.

In Jackpot Mania, it’s not any one symbol combination that decides what you win, but random chance. Try your luck on all slot machines marked “Jackpot Mania”.

Overview of Jackpot Mania jackpots

●     Mini: The little jackpot where you can win big. With a maximum value of CHF 1,000, Jackpot Mania Mini jackpot offers maximum winnings for minimal bets.

●     Midi: Perfect for the daring and wannabe daredevils. The Jackpot Mania Midi jackpot has a set starting value of CHF 1,000. The maximum value is CHF 5,000.

●     Super: With the Jackpot Mania Super jackpot, the stakes are even higher. The set starting value is CHF 30,000. With a maximum value of CHF 100,000, the name says it all in this jackpot.

●     Mystery: You never know when you’re going to get lucky. When and how much you will win remains a mystery until the end. In the Jackpot Mania Mystery jackpot, the set starting value is CHF 5,000, and the maximum value is CHF 30,000.

●     Bonus Club: members only. The exclusive Bonus Club Jackpot is reserved for members with an active Bonus Club Card. The maximum value is CHF 20,000. The Bonus Club Jackpot starts from CHF 1,000.

When Switzerland plays, you win. Whether you’re at the Grand Casino Bern, Baden, Lucerne, Basel, St. Gallen, Lugano or Zurich: try your luck and hit the biggest casino jackpot in Europe. The Swiss Jackpot started back in 2002. With bets from as little as CHF 1 and the right winning combination, the entire Swiss Jackpot can be yours.

Current Swiss Jackpot
CHF 1'477'517.95 CHF

Many have dreamt of it, but on 18 September 2016, one visitor to Casino Zurich managed it: she won the Swiss Jackpot with a record prize pot of CHF 7,560,866. The new millionaire won the highest ever amount in the history of the Swiss Jackpot – tax-free, like all casino winnings.

Up the stakes: This is your chance to win the Stud Poker Jackpot in Ultimate Texas Hold ’Em poker. Try your luck!

Current Stud Poker Jackpot
CHF 115'081.40 CHF

Blazing 777 Blackjack ProgressiveSM is an exciting, new and optional progressive bet in blackjack. Here you win depending on how many sevens you get in your hand. The more sevens you have in your hand, the more you win!