Are you ready for a big thrill?


If so, simply cast off your boredom in the cloakroom and enter a glamourous world full of games, fun and excitement.

Life at play in all its splendour. Some are looking for a kick, others for luck. And all find that perfect thrill with us. The classics of american roulette, poker and blackjack have been played at the Grand Casino Bern 365 days a year since 2002. Hundreds of gaming machines ensure a sparkling Las Vegas atmosphere. Additional entertainment is provided by the largest fumoir in the city and the new gaming area opened in 2012 in a futuristic design.

Here, everything revolves around you. An evening in the Grand Casino Bern is also a visit to good friends. Our employees are wholehearted hosts and hostesses and look forward to making your time with us as pleasant as possible. We would be happy to explain the games and special features of your venue in a free casino tour following advanced booking by telephone. Our trained security personnel and an innovative social concept to prevent gambling addiction work in the background to ensure that your time with us remains safe and pleasurable throughout.

Welcome to the Grand Casino Bern!