Information for your casino visit

Information for your


to the Grand Casino Bern

Information for your casino visit

Information for our guests



Admission to the Grand Casino Bern


Can I wear casual clothing to the Grand Casino Bern?

Yes, because we want you to feel at ease at the Grand Casino Bern.

It doesn’t always have to be black tie. You’re very welcome to attend the Grand Casino Bern in comfortable trousers and a polo shirt without fear of violating the dress code. Between June and September, gentlemen are also welcome in smart shorts. Flip-flops and tank tops, however, are not permitted by the dress code – that applies to both men and women.

Please be aware that staff may draw your attention to compliance with our dress code.

What does the admission price cover?

In addition to admission to the Grand Casino Bern, you will also receive a drink.

You’ll receive a welcome drink at the Crazy Daisy Kitchen Bar. If nothing on our free-drinks menu takes your fancy, you are welcome to order a drink of your choice from our extensive bar menu for a small surcharge.

Is there an age restriction for the Grand Casino Bern?

You must be 18 to enter the Grand Casino Bern. 

People of 18 and above are permitted entry, provided they can present valid official proof of identity. No admission for visitors with active gambling suspensions.


Your visit to the Grand Casino Bern


Do I have to play in the casino?

No, you are under no obligation to play when you enter the casino.

Spend a wonderful evening in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. Enjoy the goings-on as a spectator with a delicious drink or take part in a free tour of the Grand Casino Bern. Just approach a member of staff or enquire at the reception desk at the casino entrance.

Is smoking permitted in the casino?

Yes, we have set up special smoking rooms for smokers.

Both smokers and non-smokers are welcome at the Grand Casino Bern. After the smoking ban came into effect in 2009, we set up special smoking rooms with slot machines. Here you can continue to enjoy your cigarettes and play at the same time.

Can I learn how to play new games?

Yes, our guest relations staff will be happy to explain the ins and outs of all the games to you.

We are happy to help. If you book in advance, you can join us on a custom tour with a demonstration of how to play certain games.

Do the croupiers get tips?

If you win, it is casino tradition to tip the croupier.

It is custom worldwide to give the croupier a small part of your winnings. How much you give is up to you. There is a slot for tips at every game table. This is used to pay the salaries of the casino staff. It is not an additional tip for the staff.

Are casino winnings taxable?

No, all winnings at the Grand Casino Bern are tax-free.

Lottery winnings are taxable. That’s not the case for the winnings you make in the casino. These are paid out to the winner in full without any deduction. But remember, this applies only to winnings from Swiss casinos. Guests resident in Switzerland must pay tax on winnings from casinos abroad, as they would for lottery winnings. For guests who are domiciled outside Switzerland, winnings are taxed according to the law of their respective country of residence.

Can I stay overnight?

Yes, the Kursaal Bern offers accommodation at the elegant four-star superior Hotel Allegro.

If you would like to stay the night within proximity of the Grand Casino Bern, you can book accommodation at the four-star superior Hotel Allegro in the Kursaal Bern.


Dining and drinking


Is there a restaurant in the casino?

Yes, the Grand Casino Bern has the Crazy Daisy Kitchen Bar.

The Crazy Daisy Kitchen Bar in the Grand Casino Bern offers a diverse range of culinary options. In addition, there are other restaurants in the Kursaal Bern, like the Restaurant Yù, the Restaurant Giardino and, in the summer, the Rooftop Grill.

Is there a bar in the casino?

Yes, visit the Crazy Daisy Kitchen Bar

If you want to enjoy a drink between games, you can visit the Crazy Daisy Kitchen Bar located within the casino. You can also visit Hotel Allegro’s bar in the Kursaal Bern.


Casino insight


What happens with casino game revenues?

51% of game revenues go towards Federal Old-Age and Survivors’ Insurance.

At the Grand Casino Bern, losers are winners, too. That’s because some 51% of all the casino’s takings from games go directly towards Federal Old-Age and Survivors’ Insurance with tax.

Does the Grand Casino Bern have an anti-money laundering policy?

The Grand Casino Bern has implemented the strictest precautions against money laundering.

As a casino, we are required to comply with strict due diligence obligations. Regular inspections by the Swiss Federal Gaming Board (FGB) make money laundering at the Grand Casino Bern impossible. Casinos are subject to stricter regulations than banks and insurance companies. For instance, no confirmations of winnings may be issued. This means that any “dirty” money cannot be “laundered” upon leaving the casino.

Is there a social responsibility policy?

Only casinos in Switzerland run a comprehensive and protective social responsibility and security policy.

Lotteries, sports betting pools, lottery tickets and slot machines in restaurants do not offer any social protection or underage protection. This means that people can play the lottery for several thousand Swiss francs a day without the safety net of a social responsibility safeguard. We, on the other hand, have implemented a social responsibility policy to protect players.

Incidentally, throughout Europe, only around 4% of gambling money is spent in casinos. The other 96% is spent on gambling in the form of lotteries, sports betting pools, lottery tickets, etc.


What percentage of bets is paid out again?

Around 94% of all bets are paid out.

At the Grand Casino Bern, around 94% of all bets are paid out again. In comparison, lotteries pay out only around 50% of bets.

Are your slot machines subject to inspection?

Yes, each terminal is checked and approved before start-up.

The Swiss Federal Gaming Board (FGB) checks each terminal (game tables, slot machines, etc.) before start-up and approves it. Testing institutes recognised and commissioned by the FGB perform the first and all recurring inspections. They also monitor the terminals while they are in operation.

Do casino staff receive special training?

Yes, we train our staff ourselves and have an ongoing further-training programme in place.

In the first 11 months after opening, the Grand Casino Bern trained 59 members of staff in casino-specific vocations. The Grand Casino Bern currently employs 170 staff.