New game: Vegas roulette

You can now play Vegas roulette at the Grand Casino Bern.

“Place your bets!” and “No more bets” are phrases you will have heard at the Grand Casino Bern during the classic American roulette. The oldest of all casino games is something of a tradition here. You can now also play the equally popular version of the game – Vegas roulette – exclusively at the Grand Casino Bern. The futuristic LED wheel just oozes Las Vegas charm and promises an entertaining game.


The double zero makes all the difference

Vegas roulette is pretty similar to American roulette. There are just a couple of little details that make all the difference. Vegas roulette is set up for a faster game. The most noticeable difference is the fact that Vegas roulette has the double zero (00) field in addition to zero (0). This means there are 38 numbers rather than 37. The additional betting option makes a difference to both the layout and the wheel.


If it sounds exciting, that’s because it is!


Find out more about the game and the rules here