Experience the new 7 Melons: Super Swiss, super safe, super fun

Behind the scenes, our online casino 7 Melons has been completely revamped. Now www.7melons.ch is back with the largest ever selection of games on 7 Melons. Online casino is now even more fun!

Over the past few months, we have completely redesigned 7 Melons. According to the head of the online casino, Bruno Peake, the new gaming platform is now more versatile and intuitive to use: “With 7 Melons, we’re keeping up with the fast-moving online casino industry, and that’s why we’ve modernised it visually and technically, expanded the game offerings and enhanced the user friendliness.”


For the Grand Casino Bern, www.7melons.ch is hugely important. Managing Director Ludwig Nehls repeatedly emphasises how important it is to enthuse customers in the long term: “The 7 Melons brand must be likeable, and should exude trust, security and Swissness. At the same time, 7 Melons also stands for experience, excitement and entertainment." Besides reconciling the excitement and sense of security which players should feel, particularly important for 7 Melons is looking after guests. The new attractive website therefore puts the focus on the audience right from the start, with everyone always sitting in the front row.


So that we don’t just talk about “guest orientation” but also deliver it, we have significantly expanded our workforce in Bern. Bruno Peake adds: “Our aim with the relaunch is also to anchor the online casino more strongly regionally and locally. Consequently, by expanding in Bern we’re also displaying a stronger physical presence.”


Try out the new, super fun www.7melons.ch today!