Touch Bet Roulette

Touch Bet Roulette is a slot machine game linked to an automatic roulette wheel. The machine is structured just like a normal table, but every player has their own layout, and bets are placed via touchscreen. The rules and betting options are the same as for American Roulette.

The Grand Casino Bern has 18 machines with a minimum stake of CHF 1.–.

The game
The start of the game is announced by the machines in English, French or German, and players then have time to place their bets. Before the ball drops, the machine announces “No more bets, please!” and cannot accept any further bets.

Once the ball has dropped, the machine announces the winning number and colour, and all bets with this
number are paid out.

The zero rule
If the ball lands at zero (0), half of the stake of any outside bet, and the entire stake of dozen or column
bets, is lost.