Did you know…?

Interesting information the Grand Casino Bern

Did you know...?

...that even the losers are winners at the Grand Casino Bern?

Approx. 51% of all casino takings for gaming flow as tax directly to the AHV old-age and survivors’ insurance.

...that the Grand Casino Bern takes highly effective precautions against money laundering?

The strict duties of care – for example, no confirmations of winnings are issued, meaning that any potential “dirty” money does not become “clean” on leaving the casino – and regular monitoring by the Federal Casino Commission (ESBK) make money laundering impossible at the Grand Casino Bern. In addition to this, casinos have even stricter regulations than banks and insurance companies.

...that all winnings at the Grand Casino Bern are tax-free?

Lottery winnings are taxable, unlike casino winnings, which are tax-free, and are paid out to the winner in full, with no deductions. But please note that this only applies to winnings collected in Swiss casinos. Winnings from casinos outside Switzerland are, like lottery winnings, taxable for Swiss residents.

...that you can also visit the Grand Casino Bern in casual clothing?

It doesn’t always have to be a suit! You’re also very welcome at the Grand Casino Bern in a comfortable pair of trousers and a polo shirt, without violating the dress code.

...that a drink is included in the entrance fee?

If our complimentary drink offer does not appeal to you, you’re welcome to choose, for a small additional charge, for a drink of your choice from our well-stocked bar.

...that in Switzerland only casinos operate a comprehensive and protective social and security concept?

Lotteries of all kinds, as well as slot machines in restaurants, etc. offer no protection to underage or socially vulnerable individuals. It is possible to spend thousands of francs a day playing the lottery without any form of social protection. Efforts to deal with the consequences of this uncontrolled gambling, however, are financed partly by the taxes paid by the casinos.

...that only 4% of the money spent in Europe on games of chance is spent in casinos?

The remaining 96% is spent on games of chance such as lotteries, etc.

...that around 94% of all stakes at the Grand Casino Bern are paid out again?

This is in stark contrast to lotteries that pay back “only” around 50%.

...that every piece of equipment (tables, slot machines, etc.) is tested, and has to be authorised, by the Federal Casino Commission (ESBK) before it can be used?

Providers of testing services, accredited and contracted by the ESBK, conduct all initial and repeat tests, and also monitor equipment while it is in use.

...that the Grand Casino Bern operates a programme of continuous training and professional development for its staff?

The Grand Casino Bern trained 59 employees in casino-specific jobs in its first eleven months of business alone. The casino currently employs a total of 170 people.

...that you don’t have to gamble in the casino?

You’re welcome to spend a pleasant evening with us in a relaxed ambience, simply watching the activity and enjoying a cocktail at the bar. If you like, we can take you on a tour of the casino, with no obligation. Just talk to a member of staff or go to the casino reception.