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Bonus Club

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As a member of the Grand Casino Bern Bonus Club you benefit from a number of advantages
– with every visit.

Collect points for your member account on every visit and redeem them for countless rewards. With Grand Casino Bern loyalty rewards you can move to a higher membership level at the next period changeover. You can join the Bonus Club for free at our Bonus Club desk at the Grand Casino Bern.

Exchange your collected points for rewards. You can check your current points total at the slot machines or the Bonus Club desk. To redeem your points, simply hand over your card to the staff at the casino reception, at the bar or on the floor. You can get playing credit only at the cash desk.

This is what your points are worth:

  • 100 points = 1 hour parking. The parking time in the Kursaalgarage can be cumulated. 
  • 500 points = CHF 1.- Consumption at the bar. For example, a drink from the Welcome Card costs CHF 5.50, i.e. 2'750 points.
  • 10'000 points = CHF 10.- game credit. The credit can also be obtained by means of Cash Ticket.

Topping up your points account is quite simple and can be done almost anywhere. To collect points, insert your Bonus Club Card in the designated card reader at the slot machine before you start playing. For table games, hand your card to the croupier at the game table before you start playing. If you are buying something at the Crazy Daisy Kitchen Bar or ordering something from a casino assistant, hand your card to a member of staff before ordering or making a purchase.

You can check your current points total any time at our slot machines or the Bonus Club desk in the Grand Casino Bern.

The card registers
●    one point for every Swiss franc inserted in a slot machine,
●    one point for every two Swiss francs at Touch Bet Roulette terminals and roulette machines (including automated table game versions on slot machines), and
●    five points for every Swiss franc spent at the Crazy Daisy Kitchen Bar.

Points can also be collected during the table games American roulette, blackjack and Ultimate Texas Hold ’Em. The amount of points collected is influenced by four primary factors: the table game selected, speed of play, the duration of play and the average bet amount. With an average bet of CHF 25 and a play duration of one hour you can win on average around 385 bonus points during American roulette, depending on the speed of play.

If you have collected enough points at the next period changeover, you can move up to the next membership level.

The Bonus Club Card is personalised and not transferable. Any misuse will result in your exclusion from the Bonus Club.

The Friends Card
●    Collect and redeem points

The Silver Card
●    From 15,000 points per year
●    Collect and redeem points
●    Annual pass for the Grand Casino Bern for CHF 100 (instead of CHF 250)
●    CHF 10 discount for flagship events for two persons (e.g. One Night in Vegas or Hits & Dance Night)

The Gold Card
●    From 250,000 points per year
●    Collect and redeem points
●    Free entry for the Grand Casino Bern
●    Free parking in the Kursaal Bern car park (subject to availability and for the duration of the casino visit)
●    50% discount on flagship events for two persons (e.g. One Night in Vegas or Hits & Dance Night)
●    20% discount on Kursaal Bern services (hotel, restaurants, Hotel Bar)
●    One Girardino & Play package for two persons per year, worth      CHF 184

The Black Card
●    Please do not hesitate to contact us about the benefits of the     Black Card.